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Ex Models

Current Members

Now: Shahin, Zach, Kid Millions

Ex Models are known primarily as the band whose music seems to say "?". It is difficult to speak with any real accuracy about who or what generates their music. While it is true that this band is comprised of four people who play musical instruments, it is equally true that behind the music made with these instruments, one may discern the operation of a Code, which casts serious doubt on the validity of their contributions as individuals.

This project began in late 1998. Eyeing the bric-a-brac in his bedroom one brisk morning, Shahin Motia suddenly realized that none of the items festooning his walls and littering his desktop bespoke any real experiences that he had had. The Chinese object in the corner, for instance: when had Shahin Motia ever been to China? This item did not signify any real relationship between Shahin Motia and the Far East, but rather the absence of such a relationship! Frothing, wild-eyed with epiphany, Motia placed an urgent telephone call to bassist and arch-dork Mikhail Masiello. "These objects don't amount to relations!" he cried.

After much chin-stroking, the two young men, joined by noise guitarist nonpareil Shahryar Motia and crimson japes-man Jake Fiedler, the so-called "Doktor" of local percussion, formed Ex Models in order to give artistic expression to this revelation. Their mission: rock & roll simulation. The Real of rock music had been lost in endless mimesis; now those who sought authenticity could no longer attain it. Ex Models sought to lay bare this disturbing truth by adopting a formal strategy predicated on the perverse manipulation of time signatures, frantic, non-linear guitar interplay, and a brutally disciplined, pointillistic rhythm section. The result was to simulate the exciting effects associated with rock music while flouting the basic components out of which such music is traditionally made.

Ex Models: four squares drawing lines that do no intersect. Insofar as they are aware that their music is writing them and not the other way around, the members of this group attempt to express how this makes them feel. They seek to reclaim the real relation from the jaws of simulation. They've got other mathematics, and will use them to pose dark inquiries about our hyperreal surroundings. Their self-recorded debut, Other Mathematics, was duplicated and re-duplicated and finally made available to you by Ace Fu Records on May 7, 2001.


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