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The Vexers

Current Members

Michael Hammel, Jennifer Taylor, Jesse Van Anglen, Tres Warren

The idea behind The Vexers was formed in 2001 when perpetual transients, Jennifer Taylor (guitar/vocals), Tres Warren (guitar) and Michael Hammel (bass), each found themselves temporarily held-up in Los Angeles. The three had a chance meeting and found that they shared both a common musical vision, and an insatiable desire to leave town. Not long after, they packed their bags and on a whim, left the sunshine and palm trees of Southern California for the obscurity and poverty of Philadelphia.

After a rocky, two-month stint of living in resident hotels & sleeping on newfound friends? floors, the threesome scored a run-down house in the ghettos of South Philadelphia where they could both live and practice. As they began to form music around their increasingly fine-tuned vision, the need for a band name and a drummer became evident. Luckily, the following week Tres met a drummer named Jesse Van Anglen. A few days later, Jesse showed up for an impromptu practice, and by the time he left that evening, he had become the final piece in the puzzle now known as The Vexers.

The Vexers quickly embarked on a rigorous practice schedule, further sharpening their uniquely subversive sound and culminating in a series of shows that caught the attention of everyone who witnessed them. They have brought their frenzied road show all over America and recently to Europe, opening for such impressive acts as The Rapture, Scene Creamers, Datsuns, An Albatross and The Warlocks, among many others.

Known mostly for their dark intensity, a Vexers? live show became a must-see for any lover of unyielding and strange music. Never predictable, though consistently unsettling, their shows lacked answers but never failed to intrigue with an endless supply of raw, unwavering vitality.

Frenzied shows like these led to an unlikely relationship with Engineer/Producer Mike Musmanno, whose infinite credits include Royal Trux, Pavement and Delta 72. The collaborations with Musmanno resulted in The Vexers? long awaited, full-length debut on Ace Fu Records. The self-titled album received rave reviews in SPIN, Bust, Skyscraper, Rockpile, Yellow Rat Bastard and a number of weekly newspapers across the country.

Instead of just kicking back and growing fat on their reviews, the Vexers did not waste anytime before getting back in to the studio, this time with a different, although equally prolific engineer, Wharton Tiers (whose credits include Pussy Galore, Sonic Youth and Helmet, among others). The band chose to forgo their two-guitar approach as heard on their debut, instead opting to bring the aggressive slide-guitar playing of Tres Warren to the forefront to complement singer Jennifer Taylor's searing and hauntingly melodic voice.

The resulting concoction, a six-song EP entitled Gangland Ballads and the Death Sex Set, again released on Ace Fu Records, is a landmark recording that is simultaneously sexual, dark, beautiful, dirty, menacing and dripping with attitude.


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