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Ted Leo

Ted Leo

Current Members

Ted Leo, Dave Lerner, Chris Wilson, Dorien Garry

Since his days leading the DC modsters, Chisel, Teddy has been creating some of the most innovative pop music in the underground rock scene for over a decade. His songs are fragile yet proud expressions of emotional growth and turmoil. With this recording, Ted has returned to the helm of a rock band, leading James Canty (Make Up) Jody Buonanno (Secret Stars) and Amy Farina (Warmers), and his voice is strong, his passion unnerving and his energy is indomitable.

Despite great popularity, by Chisel?s third and final record, Set You Free, the band was on the verge of breaking up. However, their music would never be stronger. Ted had elevated the sound and musical arrangements of the trio to that of a grand scale rock band. The songwriting was definitely as infectious and calculated as that of Brit-rock legends, The Kinks, yet the rhythms remained fueled by the anthemic energy reminiscent of bands like The Who or The Clash. The result was truly innovative, truly sincere and truly unique.

After Chisel's demise in 1997, Ted began to take his music in other directions. Almost immediately he formed the short lived but well remembered Sin Eaters featuring his brother Danny Leo and Van Pelt bassist, Sean Greene. The Sin Eaters were much more reminiscent of early Chisel, as they were harder, louder, more political and simply drew quite strongly from the punk tradition. Yet, momentum was not as easily found as was the case with Chisel, and with outside obligations derailing the goals of Danny and Sean, Ted decided to dissolve the band and focus on his recordings as a solo artist.

Shortly thereafter Ted released a solo record entitled as Ted Leo Rx./Pharmacists on his famed homestead, Gern Blandsten Records. By this point Ted's music had matured into quite and delicate songs with a pensive and self reflective focus. He began to explore the idea of obscuring the pop-hook of a song while retaining the allure and intrigue of the melody. Culling ideas from the "lo-fi" philosophy of indie-music, Ted utilized recording methods that explored the idea of encompassing found sounds and distortions of the revered chorus of pop music. However, careful to never alienate the listener, all of Ted?s music was composed with inviting melodies and tangible yet romantic lyrics that could easily draw comparisons to greats such as Stephin Merrit or Alex Chilton.

Now Ted Leo's latest recording on Ace Fu Records, Treble In Trouble, finds him returning to the helm of a rock band once again. However, this time around Ted has recruited the help of musicians James Canty (of the mAKE UP, Nation of Ulysses), Jody Buonanno (of Secret Stars), and Amy Farina (of The Warmers) all of whom comprise The Pharmacists. The music is also a return to that of Ted?s previous bands, as it is fast, raw and highly emotive. With this recording, engineered by Brendan Canty (of Fugazi), it has become obvious that Ted is most comfortable and inspiring moments surface when he is leading a band. His voice is strong, his passion is unnerving, and his energy is absolutely indomitable. All five songs on Treble In Trouble heave with emotion and ardor as The Pharmacists breath life into four Leo originals and one cover. With these songs the band recaptures the aggressive sounds of Ted?s earlier work as they cover two songs by a previous Ted Leo band, The Sin Eaters. Lastly, closing out the record is the acute and delicate interpretation of the classic Thin Lizzy, tune "Little Girl In Bloom.


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