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News about Annuals from 2007

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The Dears Get Props from Famous People... and Tour!

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Thom Yorke digs the Dears. At least, that's what his iTunes celebrity playlist says! Their song "No Hope Before Destruction," from the Ace Fu release Protest EP, is number six on Yorke's list. He says, "it sounds all soppy, oh but then all hell breaks loose." Interesting observation. Certainly everyone should test the veracity of this statement by buying their own copy of the song or CD!

OR.... you could see them play it LIVE in a city near you! The Dears are on tour now with Annuals, and trust us, you don't want to miss them. Check out the dates here, and while you're waiting in anticipation for the show, sate your appetite by buying one of our specially priced Annuals/Dears bundles in the e-store while supplies last!

Annuals on myspace (again) New UK EP

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So Annuals are back up on the front page of myspace in anticipation of their new UK EP release "Big Zeus"
The EP contains 3 songs from "Be He Me" as well as "Ease My Mind" which was previously released as the B-side to their Brother 7" and the previously unreleased "Misty Coy." The EP hits UK shelves on January 29th unfortunately it's a UK only release so the US is out of luck, and as of press-time we wont have them on the e-store either, we're jerks, we know.

There's alway eBay.
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