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The Dears

Annuals/Dears bundle (Dears Shirt)

In celebration of their recent tour we decided to do something special for you, the fan. For the paltry sum of $25 buckaroos you'll get both The Dears' "Protest" EP and the Annuals' "Be He Me" CDs and your choice of an Annuals or Dears T-shirt (for the Annuals shirt please select the bundle that specifies "Annuals shirt")

New Releases

Six Demon Bag

"This brilliant Philly collective makes music like you've never heard, a rollicking happy accident that re-imagines Captain Beefheart, Nick Cave and patron saint Tom Waits without being pretentious at all. Claiming Mexican funeral marches, bad luck and religious cults as influences, Man Man's live shows are notoriously riotous affairs that leave audiences stunned but smiling. Their latest album The Man in a Blue Turban With a Face (Ace Fu) magically captures Man Man's amazing musical madness." - URB Recommended if you like: Captain Beefheart, Zappa, The Fugs, Tom Waits.

What the Hell Do I Know?

"The lyrical depth of the Kinks sauteed with the musical overtones of the Flaming Lips and John Spencer Blues Explosion reduction!" gushed one. "Sorry, its more Beta Band meets GBV meets Ralph Stanley" countered another. Regardless of your leanings, and whether you�re happy, mellow, drunk or confused, Illinois plays beautiful music that makes old loves new and the green grass grow. All orders for this item will ship on March 6th.