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Man Man

Man Man Six Demon Tee Bundle

So How About this? How about you give us 32 bucks and we give you Man Man's "Six Demon Bag" CD it's precursor "The Man In The Blue Turban With A Face" and one of these slick brand new 100% cotton American Apparel "Six Demon Bag" T-Shirts? How's that sound? ...yeah? I knew you'd come around.

New Releases

Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo

Japanese freakout drone wizards Acid Mothers Temple return for their 3rd release on Ace Fu (and their 20-something-th in general). This time the soul collective takes an hour plus crack at exploring the Daimoku Buddhist chant "Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo" Slowly but steadily piling on the guitars, keyboards and theremin, Acid Mothers take you on a journey to the center of the "drone zone." Much like their American contemporaries Sunn O))) Acid Mothers construct massive castles of sound but unlike their counterparts AMT adorn their ramparts with instruments as varied as flute, glockenspiel, tambura, sarangi, and hurdy-gurdy, making for a tapestry of cosmic vibration that rockets you to the center of your mind.

NEW! Limited Edition Fair/Swing Low Vinyl 7''
Vinyl 7"

Limited edition beautiful white vinyl 7" featuring the song Fair from "Be He Me" and a cover of the Traditional "Swing Low Sweet Chariot"